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WATCH OUT Bub you are now in the RADICAL lair of Sharpnoodles

If you want to survive in this RADICAL place you'll have to follow the rules of the land
  • 1. Only the RADDEST of kids are allowed on my turf
  • 2. In this house VIOLENCE is GOLDEN and sharing is for the WEAK
  • 3. Anyone who thinks the Byzantine empire and British empire were cool aren't allowed
  • 4. Anyone who puts pineapple on pizza will be put to death immediately
  • 5. It's my way or the Highway to your pitiful death sentence in the PIT OF DOOM
  • 6. If you haven't watched at least one anime (pokemon doesn't count) You can't be here
  • 7. If you think playing on your phone makes you a gamer you will instantly be smited off the face of this planet

  • As long as all these rules stated above are followed, you are free to enjoy the freedoms of my land. These include: Games, Videos, Random things I find online, and even my own personal blog. You better be stoked because you are going to have a RAD time here on my Turf. Keep it fresh, Sharpnoodles signing out.